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Health Care and Wellness Services

Maintenance and improvement of our health is one of the most important things your life is about. We at Buza Mina are dedicated to providing you with excellent and quality health care services providers:
• General Practitioners
• Specialists: Dentist Therapist etc
• Herbal Specialists
• Acupuncture
• Social Workers
• Counsellors
• Men and Women’s Health
• Fitness Specialists
• Fitness Clubs
• Spas


Gone are those days were beauty was considered for women only. Nowadays even men want to look staggeringly handsome and beautiful. Regardless of generation and age, men and women are increasingly investing in their appearance to some degree. Our services providers have these beautiful services to offer.
• Hair Salons and stylists
• Barbers Shops
• Nail Artists
• Make Up Artists
• Skin Care
• Spas

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